Act! Announces Newest Release of Custom Tables

Act! Announces Newest Release of Custom Tables

Advancing the power of CRM without costly development

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct 10, 2023 – Act!, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation solution for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), today announced that it has released a new and improved custom tables function within its latest releases for both desktop and cloud users.

The newly enhanced Custom Tables in Act! can revolutionise the way SMBs leverage CRM as their front-office system of record, by storing detailed business and industry-specific customer data, previously maintained in spreadsheets and external systems, alongside existing customer data within Act!. This infusion of rich operational details provides Act! users a more robust view of their customer relationships at the individual level in order to deliver exceptionally personalised experiences, and actionable insights at the aggregate level to craft highly-targeted sales and marketing outreach strategies to propel the growth of their small business.

This development is especially significant for companies dealing with intricate industry-specific processes, such as insurance, mortgages, and financial services, as well as those managing diverse SKU dimensions like contracts, warranties, and service plans.

“With our latest Custom Tables release, Act! users can layer in information unique to the needs of their business. It’s about understanding customers holistically and gathering meaningful insights – without the time or cost of development” said Act! CEO Bruce Reading. “This functionality maps well with the majority of our customers – whether they’re managing a client portfolio, performing service engagements, or delivering diverse product suites – they can take their business to the next level with Custom Tables.”

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