Act! CRM and GDPR Compliance

How Act! CRM can help businesses to comply with GDPR

As a highly flexible and customisable solution, Act! CRM offers a wide variety of features that can help users to manage their data processes, privacy and security effectively. It can be an extremely valuable tool to help with GDPR compliance if correctly used and adopted within your business, as part of a wider GDPR compliance project.

This document will help you understand some of the key areas of GDPR, and provide information about how using Act! CRM can help with compliance.

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"The biggest way Act! makes my work easier on a day-to-day basis is it allows me to come into the office and have my day planned out for me. It tells me who to call, when to call them, and what to say."
Brent Sullivan, Loan Officer
Homeowner's Financial Group

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