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Email Mastery Part I: Best Practices

How to ensure your emails are seen, opened, and actioned

About this recorded webinar

Master the art of email marketing to drive business growth in our 2-part Email Mastery webinar series. In Part I of the series, we’ll explore fundamental techniques and best-practices to increase email engagement. You’ll learn essential strategies for developing a successful email marketing campaign, and discover how it can be used in conjunction with additional sales channels to ensure maximum efficiency.

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Covered in Part I:

– Creating effective subject lines
– Personalization best-practices
– Optimal times and days to send emails
– Building emails for mobile display
– Using email in cross-channel campaigns
– Live demo of Act! Marketing Automation

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About the Presenter

Kevin Miller, Act! Solution Sales Engineer

Kevin is a highly experienced CRM & Marketing Automation specialist at Act!. He helps users familiarize themselves with Act! products and shows them how to better manage their sales and marketing activities.