Act! Pro v20 Product Downloads (U.S. and Canada)

Note: Act! v20 Hot Fixes and Updates apply to Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium (access via web), and are applicable to all locales, including Australia, Canada, UK, Europe, and Latin America. Updates are cumulative; just install the most recent update file to bring your copy of Act! up-to-date.

See what’s new and what issues have been addressed in each update.


If you are running Act! software on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, follow this link and install the update provided to support installers that are signed with SHA2-type certificates.

Please review important installation notes before downloading & installing updates.

Release Date Title File Name File Size
11/01/2019 Act! v20.1 Update 9 act2010update9.exe 184 MB Download
11/01/2019 Act! v20.0 Update 10 act2000update10.exe 82 MB Download
12/12/2018 Act! v20.0 Update 9 act2000update9.exe 33.9 MB Download
12/05/2018 Act! v20.1 Update 8 act2010update8.exe 183 MB Download
8/03/2018 Act! v20.1 Update 7 act2010update7.exe 179 MB Download
6/21/2018 Act! v20.1 Update 6 act2010update6.exe 178 MB Download
5/02/2018 Act! v20.1 Update 5 act2010update5.exe 144 MB Download
4/20/2018 Act! v20.1 Update 4 act2010update4.exe 143 MB Download
3/29/2018 Act! v20.1 Update 3 act2010update3.exe 71.4 MB Download
3/27/2018 Act! v20.1 Update 2 act2010update2.exe 71.5 MB Download
3/22/2018 Act! Pro v20.1 Update act!_pro_v20_sp1x120.exe 574 MB Download
2/27/2018 Act! v20.0 Update 7 act2000update7.exe 28.9 MB Download
2/08/2018 Act! v20.0 Update 6 act2000update6.exe 28.9 MB Download
12/12/2017 Act! v20.0 Update 5 act2000update5.exe 20.4 MB Download
11/10/2017 Act! v20.0 Update 4 act2000update4.exe 18.6 MB Download
10/17/2017 Act! v20.0 Update 3 act2000update3.exe 18.3 MB Download
10/11/2017 Act! v20.0 Update 2 act2000update2.exe 17.8MB Download
10/10/2017 Act! v20.0 Update 1 act2000update1.exe 17.3 MB Download