Why Act!

Enjoy the freedom to tailor your Act! experience

Why conform to a rigid CRM solution when you don’t have to. Act! is a perfect fit for your business and industry, because it’s flexible. Unlike other CRM solutions, you have the freedom to tailor an Act! experience to fit your unique needs—your adaptable, everywhere, connected workspace.

Finally, a flexible CRM solution that’s uniquely yours.


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Act! works like you work, equipping you with a variety of configuration options from lightly personalized to completely customized. Embed Custom Tables and apply Industry Templates for maximum adaptability. Highly trained Act! Certified Consultants1 can help create your Act! experience.


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Act! goes where you go, enabling you to be productive from wherever you work—the office, home, or the road. Get to the details you need whether you’re online or offline. Sophisticated offline sync capabilities keep everyone in the business up to date.


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Act! likes what you like, keeping you connected to the tools and apps you love like Slack™, QuickBooks® Online, Shopify, and hundreds more via Act! Connect. Direct integration with Outlook®, Google™, and Excel enables seamless interaction. 

See how you can create your adaptable, everywhere, connected workspace in just 80 seconds.

Rest-assured, Act! is the proven, trusted choice

Act! is the proven, trusted choice of entrepreneurs, sales teams, and small and mid-sized businesses—and has been for over 30 years. Act! helped establish the CRM category and has been leading the way ever since, acquiring over six million users in 100+ countries, so you know you’re in good company and in good hands. And while Act! is simple to learn and easy to use, we’re here to help with expert technical support2, digital self-help, and a vast network of Act! Certified Consultants1 if you need it.

30 growing business since 1987

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