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Act! Premium Cloud with Premier Support is the choice for business owners who need flexibility in their CRM. Act! helps you run your business on your terms, letting you work where, when and how you want to.

With Act! Premium Cloud, you get access to valuable member-only benefits

Use Act! Connect to automatically move info between Act! and hundreds of your favorite business apps, like Outlook, Slack and QuickBooks Online.

Act connect, with sales marketing, social media, customer service, back office, eCommerce, and business productivity
various mobile mockups on the act! CRM platforms mobile capabilities

Take your business with you using the Act! Companion mobile app with features like contact details, interactive maps, activities, alerts and history on your iPhone® or Android™.

Have a question? Simply Ask Act!™ and let Amazon Alexa tell you the details you need to know.

Act! Insight dashboards and reports show you valuable information across a range of performance, financial and operational metrics.

Get going right away with instant online access

Work online for real-time access to Act! Premium Cloud or work offline and sync changes when you connect next.

See what’s new with a 2 week free trial

No download or installation required

The best bundle for your business

With Act! Premium Cloud, you have access to our powerful Cloud based CRM, fully equipped with the tools and features you need to manage the demands of your growing business.

Combined with Premier Support, your questions are handled on your schedule in the manner that best suits you. Together, they provide business owners with an unparalleled Act! experience.

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