Act! Employee Spotlight

Marie Simpson

Marie simpson for employee spotlight

Meet Our Global Channel Sales Operations Manager, Marie Simpson!

No matter where our customers find themselves, we’re working hard to deliver the best CRM solutions and service. To make that goal a reality, Act! depends on the strength of its relationships and partners that exist across the entire world. Meet Marie Simpson, Global Channel Sales Operations Manager at Act!, whose determination and knack for forging strong relationships have helped bring Act! and its services to a global market.

Department: Sales
Office location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

What do you do at Act!?

Currently, I am a Manager for Global Sales Channel Operations at Act! based in the U.K. In that position, I manage our team that’s responsible for working with our network of business partners across the world who sell Act! products. 

What brought you to Act!?

Act! has played a big role in my professional life and the time I’ve spent in the software industry. I’ve worked in this field for over 16 years at this point, the last 13 have been right here at Act!. As for what brought me to Act!, it’s long been a part of my career in some form. I started out as a part of the Act! sales team at Sage, eventually making the transition over to Act!, picking up a channel sales role.

How would you describe the team and work environment at Act!?

The nature of handling global operations means that our team has a unique role in the organization. Things like varying time zones and countries where our partners are located mean there is always something going on. My team is spread out across the U.K., but we all work together really well no matter where we’re located. The environment is fun and collaborative as we’re regularly meeting with each other, whether it’s just to check in or to tackle a challenge that arises during our work.

What do you like most about working at Act!?

The leadership is very receptive to new ideas. It’s an organization where you really feel like you have the ability to incite meaningful change, no matter what role you might be in—something that I think makes Act! stand out compared to other businesses. From the top down, everybody at Act! is always willing to listen, come up with solutions, and execute without some long-drawn-out processes.

What makes working at Act! different from other places you’ve worked in the past?

The sense of value you get from everyone at Act! is something I think really makes the company stand out. And not only do you gain that validation, but it’s also incredibly easy to see just how much of an impact your work has on the broader organization. Having that visibility and recognition goes a long way in helping keep everyone at Act! motivated and committed to delivering the absolute best service for our partners and customers across the globe.

How has your professional life influenced your personal life, and vice versa?

Just by the nature of my own work style and personality, there’s been a lot of crossover between my personal and professional life for me. I’ve always been an outgoing person, I love to make friends and get to know people, which is something that I think naturally lends itself to the work I have done and am doing today. But beyond that, I think my own work ethic is something that blends really well into a workplace like Act!. I’ve always set my expectations high for both my personal life and work life.

What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment during your time at Act!?

Making the transition to a global operation has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. We serve an entire community of partners, balancing differences in everything from culture to business policies on a global scale. I’m also incredibly proud of the relationships my team and I have built with our partners through the entire process. From the beginning, I’ve been able to see the direct impact that our work has had on the company’s overall success.

What do you like to do in your free time?

We have a fourteen-week-old Cocker Spaniel named Harry who is keeping my family and me quite busy at the moment. But when we’re not spending time with the dog, I also am part of a national group called Rock Choir, singing at all kinds of events to help support and raise money for important charities and causes. Then, with whatever time is left, I like to get out and flex my green thumb, doing some work in my garden. There’s never a dull moment!