Download Sage ACT! Premium 2013

Download Sage ACT! Premium 2013

Thank you for choosing Act!.

To get up and running quickly and easily, leverage free self-service resources available to you in the Getting Started Resource Center, including video tutorials and printer-friendly documentation.

Note: Once downloaded, Act! installation files are saved to a default location determined by the version of Windows® you are running. The Act! installation panel appears automatically when the download is complete.

Choose your preferred access method(s) and download.

Act! Premium – access via Windows® client

Download this client if you want to run Act! on a Windows® computer.

(398 MB)

Act! Premium – access via web and Act! Premium Mobile client

Download this client if you also want to set up a web server so that users can access information in Act! via an Internet browser and from supported mobile devices.

Quick Tip! Reference the Web Administrator’s Guide for detailed information and instructions.

(850 MB)